Tragedy, Response

The tragedies that fell on our nation these recent days are horrifying, terrifying and cruel; there are no words that can justly describe the terror and the evil that have been perpetrated on this now-hallowed soil. We have seen the black depths the human heart can fall to; we have witnessed the fell deeds of tortured, abused, […]

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Our Final Frontier

Today is an historic day; Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian BASE Jumping legend, has become the first man to successfully parachute from over 120,000 feet. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment — it certainly is an exciting moment — but there is more to this jump than world records. This […]

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The Healthcare Debate

On Wednesday the new Health and Human Services mandate went into effect. The new law requires employment based insurance plans to fully cover women’s health related medication and procedures, including HIV and HPV screenings, breastfeeding information, counseling and supplies, domestic and interpersonal abuse screenings and counseling, gestational diabetes screening, STI counseling, and the most controversial […]

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The Inequal Free Market

    But wealth experts say the Facebook co-founder’s loan – at just 1.05% – is symptomatic of a new credit gap in America between the haves and have-nots. While the wealthy are able to take advantage of record-low rates and home loans at between 1% to 2%, many Americans are having trouble refinancing their homes […]

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Politics and Information

Elite political-types like to use the term “well informed” when talking about voters, opinions, and just about anything else in the political sphere. To me its a misnomer, a lie. There’s no such thing as “well informed” when it comes to politics, at least not how we like to think of it. I’ve been watching […]

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